N.J. weather: Any snowfall records in sight? Here’s where this winter ranks now, with more snow on the way.

Those big snow piles in northern and central New Jersey grew even bigger after Sunday’s fast-moving storm swept across the region, and a light coating of snow topped it off in some areas Tuesday.

Which begs the question: Are we heading into record territory?

The answer depends on which region of the state you live in. And how much more snow we get this winter.

Parts of northern and central New Jersey have already gotten more snow than they normally get during the entire snow season — which technically runs from October through April. But no records have been set yet.

Driving this season’s high numbers are the big snowstorm that hit a week before Christmas and the epic snowstorm last week that blanketed parts of the state with 1 to 2 feet of snow, and in some places more than 30 inches.

In the Newark area, this month currently ranks as the 10th snowiest February on record — and we still have 19 days to go. Newark has picked up 21.7 inches of snow from Feb. 1 through Feb. 8, according to data from the National Weather Service.

The Newark area normally gets 9.3 inches of snow during the entire month, and its record is 33.4 inches, set in 1994.

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During this entire snow season, Newark has been blanketed with 36.8 inches of snow — 8 inches more than the area usually gets from October through April. So there’s plenty of time remaining to move up in the all-time seasonal snow rankings. For now, this has been the 15th snowiest winter for the Newark region.

The snow picture is far different in South Jersey, where the Atlantic City area has picked up only 0.6 inches of snow in February and a measly 1.6 inches of snow overall since Dec. 1. That’s more than 8 inches below normal, according to weather service data.

Snow totals so far in the Newark area have already been about 8 inches higher than the region normally gets during the entire snow season. And a lot of winter remains.Len Melisurgo | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

In Central Jersey, the New Brunswick area has been whitened by 19.3 inches of snow in February and 26 inches this entire season. That makes this the 14th snowiest February so far and the 57th snowiest winter since 1895.

The snow records in the New Brunswick area are 37.4 inches for February, set in 2010, and 76.5 inches for a full season, set in 1995-1996.

Here are some more snow stats for the Newark area, one of the main climate sites monitored by the National Weather Service:


November: 0.4 inches

December: 5.4 inches

January: 7.9 inches

February: 9.3 inches

March: 4.6 inches

April: 0.9 inches

TOTAL: 28.5 inches


November 2020: 0.0 inches

December 2020: 11.9 inches

January 2021: 3.2 inches

February 2021: 21.7 inches (as of Feb. 8)

March 2021: TBD

April 2021: TBD

TOTAL: 36.8 inches (as of Feb. 8)

Current weather radar

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