It’s National Weatherperson’s Day!

If you watch me on KPRC2, then you probably know by now that today is National Weatherperson’s Day, so coined because the Father of Weather, John Jeffries, was born on this day in 1745.

“Father” of Forecasting, John Jeffries

Jeffries went back and forth from America to England, took the first hot air balloon rides to study weather, made daily weather observations until his death and even became a doctor, delivering thousands of babies in Boston! I blogged about Jeffries last year and you can read all about his life here.

What I do not know is when the very first National Weatherperson’s Day started?! I’ve googled and yahooed to no avail, so if anyone knows, drop me an email.

What I can tell you is that I’ve known about this day since I started in the business in 1982 because a co-worker wrote me a poem back then and wished me the best. So my guess, and I’m a professional guesser btw, is that The Weather Channel began this celebration. After all, they first began in May 1981 and were doing everything they could to bring attention to weathercasters. Just a guess…..


Today is also National Wear Red Day calling attention to Women’s Heart Health!

National Wear Red Day
National Wear Red Day

I didn’t realize that despite our current pandemic, heart disease remains the #1 killer in the US and worldwide. It’s the #1 killer of women, causing a third of deaths, more than any cancer combined. And young women can be just as affected. All of us should be aware of our heart health!

And today happens to also be Shower With A Friend Day. I’m sure that refers to rain showers….and I gave you those today!

Have a safe weekend and thanks for the kind words from many of you!


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