Human Rights Coalition Urges Biden Admin To Boycott Beijing Olympics Over Abuses : World : Christianity Daily

A coalition of human rights advocates asks the Biden Administration to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, which is set to take place in Beijing, due to human rights violations by the Chinese Communist Party.

The human rights coalition represents the groups that were repressed by the CCP which includes members of the Tibetan, Uyghur, Inner Mongolian, and Hong Kong communities. They urged the U.S. government to join the boycott to support those who are currently suffering human rights atrocities at the hands of the Winter Olympic Games host.

Breitbart wrote that Beijing, dominated by the ethnic Han Chinese majority, is implementing policies that both the Trump and Biden administrations have deemed to be genocidal against the Uyghur people, the majority of people who live in Western Xinjiang, China.

The CCP is holding up to 1.8 million Muslim minorities in over “1,300 concentration camps” when the Coronavirus started to spread near the end of last year. The U.S. Commission declared that:

“Independent experts estimate that between 900,000 and 1.8 million Uighur, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and other Muslims have been detained in more than 1,300 concentration camps in Xinjiang- an estimate revised upward since the previous reporting period.”

The CCP also systematically sterilized women in the community and stands accused of harvesting bodies of political prisoners to get their organs and sell them.

A report by BBC News cited witnesses and victims who went on the record to describe the extremely gruesome torture by CCP against the Uyghur women, especially the implementation of the systematic gang rape inside the concentration camps with the use of electric instruments as a form of torture.

They also implemented a labor camp policy in occupied Tibet which forces over half a million rural Tibetians into forced labor camps. In addition, they are also enforcing the use of the Han Mandarin language in Tibet even though it is not their native language in order to control the leadership of the major religion there — Tibetan Buddhism.

It is similar to what Beijing has implemented in Inner Mongolia, a policy of language and cultural erasure which sparked widespread outrage and violence from protesters.

In Hong Kong last year, the CCP illegally imposed a “national security” law that allows it to imprison political dissidents for 10 years at a minimum if they are found to be guilty of crimes such as “subversion of state power.”

A human rights coalition of over 180 groups generally issued an open call on Tuesday to boycott the Winter Olympics in Beijing to “ensure they are not used to embolden the Chinese government’s appalling rights abuses and crackdowns on dissent.”

“It now falls on governments to take a stand and demonstrate that they have the political will to push back against China’s reprehensible human rights abuses.”

“We, therefore, call on governments to boycott the Beijing 2022 Games – anything less will be seen as an endorsement of the Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarian rule and blatant disregard for civil and human rights.” they wrote.

It’s also worth noting that the CCP has been persecuting Christians in different areas across China and Hong Kong.

Authorities continue harassing believers in Chengdu, unjustly blame Christians for the spread of COVID-19 in Shijiazhuang City, forcibly remove crosses from churches like those in Zhejiang, force people to report Christian gatherings to the government, break prayer networks, force Christian leaders to hide for safety even in Hong Kong, and blaspheme God’s Word for its nefarious agendas.

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