Cheng Lei: Australian journalist dey arrested on China spying charges – See wetin we know

Wetin we call dis foto,

Australian journalist Cheng Lei bin dey work for di state broadcaster CGTN

China don formally arrest Australian journalist Cheng Lei, after months of detention on charges of supplying state secrets overseas.

Before her detention, di Chinese-born Australian na TV presenter for Chinese state media outlet CGTN.

Chinese authorities confam her arrest on Monday, say dem go guarantee her legal rights.

Dem detain Ms Cheng for August and charge her last Friday, Australian officials bin tok.

For press briefing on Monday, Chinese ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin say e hope say Australia “no go interfere with di way China dey handle dis case”, according to news agency Reuters.

Canberra bin don dey raise concerns with Beijing over Ms Cheng detention.

“We expect make dem meet basic standards of justice, procedural fairness and humane treatment, in accordance with international norms,” Australia foreign affairs minister, Marise Payne tok .

“Our thoughts dey with Ms Cheng and her family during dis difficult period.”

Wetin we call dis foto,

Australian journalist Cheng Lei na presenter of business programme ontop China global news service

Who be Cheng Lei?

Born in China, 45 years old Ms Cheng bin migrate with her family go Melbourne, Australia, wen she be 10 for her father to pursue a PhD programme.

Sake of say she hating her first “boring” finance career for Melbourne – wia she work for Cadbury-Schweppes and ExxonMobil – she move go China for year 2000 to use take advantage of her bilingual and bicultural skills. Her journalism career start for CCTV’s English-language channel for 2003 – a newsroom wey dey full of expats. She den become CNBC China correspondent for nine years, before she rejoin CCTV – di English channel wey dem rebrand CGTN – for 2013.

Wetin we know about di case?

Ms Cheng bin dey work for Beijing for di last few years. Many of her family, including her two young children, dey live for Australia.

For August, she suddenly disappear from television and her friends and relatives bin no fit contact her. Her employer, CGTN – di English-language channel of di state broadcaster – also wipe Ms Cheng profile page and work comot dia websites.

China eventually announce say dem dey hold her on national security grounds under “residential surveillance” for unknown location.

Her family say dem no know why dem detain her.

“We no know weda she find herself i di middle of something wey she herself bin no realise.”

Her family say Ms Cheng face interrogation on several occasions and dem dey keep her for cell and her health don dey go down.

Australia say dia representatives don dey able to visit her once a month – in line with di bilateral consular agreement with China.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Cheng Lei

More background to di tori?

Relations between Australia and China don go down in recent years, e done lead to diplomatic and trade palava.

Sabi pipo say e don make am more difficult for Australian authorities to negotiate with Beijing over di release of dia citizens.

Beijing don arrest or expel some oda journalists in recent times. Shortly after Ms Cheng arrest last year, di last two Australian media correspondents in China frun comot di kontri based on consular advice.

ABC reporter Bill Birtles say before e comot, Chinese police bin show for im apartment and question am about Ms Cheng, but also ask am questions about some oda tins.

Wetin we call dis Video,

Bill Birtles spoke to the BBC about his interview with Chinese police

Bloomberg say dem dey “deeply concerned” for her well-being and bin ask for information on her case. Dem join oda international media groups wey dey call for her release.

Australia bin say Mr Yang endure “unacceptable” treatment during im detention, including as dem chain am to im cell and say e endure hundreds of interrogations.

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