Camera captures truck flipping over wall, falling 70 feet onto another highway below

WEST ALLIS, WI — A driver in Wisconsin miraculously survived a 70-foot fall from a highway ramp to another highway Saturday and the accident was captured on video. Cameras operated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation show the truck as it skids while turning on a ramp and hitting a snowbank, catapulting the vehicle over the barrier wall and plunging down to another roadway below.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office reports the accident happened around 9:49 a.m. Saturday as the man was on the I-94 ramp just east of I-41 in the Zoo Interchange when he lost control. He hit the snowbank and fell to the South Zoo Interchange ramp below and landed in the direction of the I-94 westbound through traffic.

The truck landed upright and no other drivers were impacted by the accident. Two citizens were able to get to the driver who was breathing and conscious after the fall. He did not appear to be injured, but was eventually taken to a nearby hospital by emergency workers for observation.

The highway was closed for several hours as officials responded to the scene.


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