September 27, 2021

SEC Weighs Requiring Companies to Give More Details on Workers

WASHINGTON—The Securities and Exchange Commission is considering asking public companies to disclose more information about their workforces.

“Investors want to better understand one of the most critical assets of a company: its people,” SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said earlier this week in a Twitter thread. “I’ve asked staff to propose recommendations for the Commission’s consideration on human capital disclosure.”

Mr. Gensler said disclosures would likely be mandatory for public companies and could touch on a number of metrics, including turnover, skills and development training, compensation, benefits, workforce demographics including diversity, and health and safety.

The SEC included human-capital disclosures on a list of potential rule-making items it published on June 11.

Large companies have already been moving to provide more information about diversity in their workforces, a Wall Street Journal analysis found in March.

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