Darryl Strawberry to Newsmax TV: God Knocked ‘Me Off My Throne’

Showing “there’s victory on the other side,” life can be about redemption – resurrection even – in being born again, according to baseball legend Darryl Strawberry on Newsmax TV.

“Putting on the uniform made me a baseball player; I didn’t become a man until I met Jesus,” Strawberry told Saturday’s “America Right Now.”

“Your wounds, your scars are real; they’re a part of your journey. They’re part of my journey, a part of everybody’s journey in their life. You’re going to go through trials and tribulations, but it’s about how you overcome those trials and tribulations.

“You don’t overcome them by yourself. I’ve become an overcomer by the blood of the lamb, because of making a commitment with God.”

Strawberry chronicles his struggles on “a very difficult road,” falling from fame and grace in the 1980s and ’90s until now, a member of the ministry, in the book released this week “Turn Your Season Around: How God Transforms Your Life.”

“I made a choice to live a complete heathen life, womanizer, alcoholic, drug addict, sinner, successful player in Major League Baseball, privileged winning championships and doing all these great things, but at the same time completely separated from God and lost,” Strawberry told host Tom Basile. “I am so grateful that she prayed that God would knock me off my throne and he did.”

Strawberry’s book goes over the steps needed and the realization there are no “overnight miracles.”

“I am just so in awed about people so afraid to show their scars and wounds,” Strawberry said. “And Jesus showed his scars and wounds and why are we so afraid?

“There’s victory on the other side when you show your scars and wounds.”

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