Biden vows ‘America is on the move’ as he promises to ‘turn peril into possibility’ | US News

US President Joe Biden says America is “on the move” and that, despite the pain of the past year, the country can “turn peril into possibility”.

Mr Biden was marking his 100th day in in office with an address to Congress, using the speech to promote a $1.8trn spending package.

The plan would provide universal preschool, two years of free community college, $225bn for child care and monthly payments of at least $250 for parents.

Mr Biden also presented his vision for life after the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 574,000 Americans.

He said that when he took office “America’s house was on fire – we had to act”.

After a promise of 100 million vaccine doses in 100 days, Mr Biden said there had instead been more than 220 million.

He said that when he took office, less than 1% of senior citizens were fully vaccinated but now that figure was nearly 70%.

“There’s still more work to do to beat this virus,” the president added. “We can’t let our guard down now.

“But tonight, I can say because of you – the American people – our progress these past 100 days against one of the worst pandemics in history is one of the greatest logistical achievements our country has ever seen.”

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