Alec Baldwin Says He Dreams of Hanging Trump

Actor Alec Baldwin says he has a “dream” of hanging President Donald Trump at a ;”trial for sedition’ on Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Baldwin, the “Saturday Night Live” actor who has mocked Trump for years, tweeted:

“I had a dream Trump was on trial for sedition. And outside the courthouse, a noose was hung from a makeshift scaffold. The noose was made of recycled Covid masks.”

Twitter has neither tagged, flagged, nor blocked the call for political violence against the U.S. president. Despite having over 1 million followers on the left-leaning social media platform, Baldwin’s tweet has a mere 932 likes, 255 comments, and 84 retweets in a post that has been left up for almost 24 hours as of Saturday night.

The call for violence has resonated with some, however.

“That’s a beautiful dream,” replied one Twitter user.

“That’s all of our dream,” replied another.

“Sometimes dreams come true,” replied yet another.

Those calls for violence were not tagged, flagged, nor blocked either.

Trump has been removed from Twitter for supporting peaceful protests that led to violent demonstrators to storm the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6., which left five dead, including a Capitol Police officer and a former American veteran.

Despite the calls by the president and some Republicans for Twitter to face a review of its Section 230 protections, Twitter has sought to silence conservative speech, critics argue, and followers of the president.

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