The most popular programming languages and where to learn them

The new normal of work will bring a lot of changes, but one enduring theme is going to be upskilling and learning new programming language tricks.

Here’s a look at the top programming languages based on a sampling of surveys from RedMonk, Tiobe, and SlashData and places where you can hone skills or acquire them new. Most of these courses are available for free or with a subscription. Some may be available via corporate programs from your employer.



JavaScript has its share of detractors, but it’s the core programming language. In other words, if you’re starting from scratch or want to branch out JavaScript is a necessity. RedMonk has noted that JavaScript is a force of nature-based on Github pulls. 

Courses to consider:



Python has been surging due to data science demand as well as a bevy of folks looking to upskill. Simply put, Python is hot and the lingua franca for anything with data. Tech giants like Google really want you to know Python too. 

Courses to consider:



Java is another programming language that isn’t going to be terribly sexy or make you look hip at a conference. But it is a core programming building block for anyone looking to be a software engineer. 

Courses to consider:



PHP is a must-have for any Web developer and it frequently rides with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Many courses bundle PHP with other languages used on the Web stack.

Courses to consider:

C# and C++


Few are going to talk C languages around the water cooler, but they have staying power and are a building block for all developers.

Courses to consider:





CSS is core to Web developers. It’s a building block for front-end developers.

Courses to consider:



Understanding SQL is critical for data science or big data-related fields.

Courses to consider:

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