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Russian former synchronized swimming star Kristina Makushenko delighted fans with her latest smash-hit social media clip showing off her stunning underwater suppleness.

Makushenko is a multiple World and European champion who since retiring has moved to Miami to work as a coach and has also become an Instagram influencer and TikTok sensation.

Makushenko’s past clips include her doing a Michael Jackson Moonwalk underwater as well as a 360-degree turn in a pair of stilettos.

Her latest effort is just as impressive, and shows the swim star lying horizontally under the water while incredibly contorting her legs more than 180 degrees past a series of numbers added to the screen.

“Flexibility test! Which number you can do?” Makushenko captioned the clip.

Fans were amazed at the star’s flexibility, with one writing: “This is so cool!”

“Holy moly that’s incredible!” read another reply.

Russia’s legions of successful synchronized swimming stars are rapidly taking social media by storm, with the likes of current competitors Vlada Chigireva and Varvara Subbotina – among numerous others – also enjoying burgeoning popularity for their output on Instagram and elsewhere.  

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