Russian gymnastics queen Soldatova suffers livid jellyfish marks after sea swim goes wrong on holiday in Dubai — RT Sport News

Russian rhythmic gymnastics champion Alexandra Soldatova has left fans worried for her welfare after sharing photos of painful purplish jellyfish stings she endured during a vacation at one of Dubai’s beach resorts.

The 22-year-old sports star, who had been actively sharing photos and videos from her trip to the United Arab Emirates, decided to show a snap of the rather less glamorous side to her luxurious holiday.

The four-time world champion had been sunbathing on the golden sands next to her hotel before a short swim took an unexpected turn and she was stung by a jellyfish.

Soldatova posted a series of pictures on social media showing livid track marks on her leg and arm that had been left by the sea creature as it brushed against her in the water.

Despite the unpleasant and rather painful incident, the former gymnast remained upbeat, urging her fans to always “be yourself, as it’s really cool.”

The famed athlete, who was widely regarded as one of the main contenders to fight for gold at the Tokyo Olympics, retired from the sport last year after a long battle with the eating disorder bulimia.

In a recent interview, Soldatova said she had dreamed of resuming her professional career, adding that health problems had forced her to leave gymnastics without the Olympic Games experience she had coveted.

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