Polish bare-knuckle bruiser ‘Balboa’ bounces unconscious rival off ropes with savage KO victory at ‘Gromda 5’ event (VIDEO) — RT Sport News

Polish bare-knuckle star Bartlomiej ‘Balboa’ Domalik was crowned king at the Gromda 5 event in his homeland on Friday night, and on the way landed a crunching KO which shook social media with its sheer brutality.

With a gritty, graffiti-strewn backdrop featuring a dance pole for leather-clad ring girls to gyrate on, Polish bare-knuckle promotion Gromda stands out even in a crowded field of the weird and wonderful combat sports organizations around the globe.

Friday’s Gromda 5 event was no exception, as dominatrix-style onlookers slumped across motorcycles as brutality unfolded in front of them in a ring surrounded by some rudimentary roping.

Among the most spectacular – if somewhat terrifying – finishes of the night came from eventual champion ‘Balboa’ Domalik.

Taking on Michal ‘Boyka’ Walczak in the first round of the eight-man tournament, Domalik landed a sickening series of blows which sent his opponent bouncing off the ropes and out cold onto the canvas.

There was concern from some onlookers as Walczak lay prone on the canvas, although reports indicated he recovered his senses without serious harm.

Domalik was clearly in the mood for extreme violence as he sent Mariusz ‘Mario’ Kruczek to the canvas with a devastating left hand on his way to victory in the next round.

In the final, ‘Balboa’ overcame Patryk ‘Gleba’ Tolkaczewski in two rounds with a TKO/KO victory as Tolkaczewski suffered an eye injury.

Tolkaczewski himself had earlier handed out some meaty punishment of his own at the tournament.

With his win on Friday, Domalik stands a chance of claiming a 100,000-zloty ($28,000) prize and the Gromda championship belt.

Poland is at the forefront of some of the most uncompromising combat sports promotions, with the rival organization Wotore offering similar fare for blood-thirsty fans.

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