Dele Alli bicycle kick goal: Tottenham talent tries to top Olivier Giroud with delightful Europa League goal


It’s always a treat see an amazing bicycle kick goal, but what in the world did we do to deserve this? Just a day after Olivier Giroud scored a brilliant bike for Chelsea against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League, Deli Alli of Tottenham pulled off arguably an even better one in the Europa League against Wolfsberg. The English midfielder was able to take a touch on a ball behind him, lift it up and finish like this just 10 minutes in:

That was some hit and perhaps even more spectacular than Giroud’s. Now, the Frenchman’s came against one of the best goalkeepers in the world in Jan Oblak, which counts for something, and it also happened on the bigger Champions League stage, but this one was a bit more graceful and emphatic, and it had more pace behind it than the one on Tuesday. Still, a treat to witness both.

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